What We Do

We are political, governmental, and corporate insiders who utilize our network
to connect innovation to decision-makers.

Top-Down Strategy

Marketers and sales teams use repetition, charm, and hard work to attempt to get past gatekeepers. At BRIEF, we execute a top-down strategy. Our relationships allow us access to the highest-level decision-makers. Your product's implementation will be a directive from above rather than a suggestion from a lower-level staff member.

Innovation lacks credibility, so
borrow some of ours.

Our Clients Pay Only When We Deliver.

BRIEF was founded with the core belief that we are radically responsible for our client's success. We don't take payment if we miss our metrics and all client agreements are month-to-month. Our founders created a process to eliminate client risk and ensure we continually deliver value.


The ways stakeholders can work with BRIEF:

Congratulations, you have built a product with paying customers and are ready to take it to the next level. You likely made your first sales through your network and hard work. If you could meet with the right decision-makers you can prove your solution works and is worth the change. If this is you, we should meet.

Today, leading associations are delivering new tech solutions for their members’ problems. BRIEF provides solutions for your membership while producing a new revenue stream for your association. Think of BRIEF as your in-house Director of Membership Innovation. Rather than creating, hiring, and training your own department, partner with BRIEF at no cost.

Our affiliates are political, government, and corporate insiders like us. Innovation companies need our unique experience and network to succeed. Utilize your current connections to take advantage of 10X opportunities. To date, BRIEF affiliates have made more than $5 million.

We are in the business of driving companies to successful exits. Our mutually beneficial partnerships with incubators, accelerators, and investors are how we connect to the companies that best fit our model.

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